Sluggo’s NORJAK Time Table


Alice = Flight Attendant Alice Hancock

Cooper = Hijacker, Dan (D.B.) Cooper

Flo = Flight Attendant Florence Schaffner

Flt- Ops KC = NWA Flight Operations in Unknown Location (possibly Kansas City)

Flt- Ops MSP = NWA Flight Operations in Minneapolis, MN

Flt- Ops SEA = NWA Flight Operations in Seattle, WA

Harold = Flight Engineer Harold E. Anderson

OAK CNTR = Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)

Pilot = Either the Pilot, First Officer, or Flight Engineer (Used when ID is unknown)

Raz = William Rataczak, First Officer

Rescue 50983 = A Lockheed HC – 130 out of Hamilton Air Force Base, California

RNO TWR = Reno Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)

Scott = Captain William Scott, Pilot in Command (PIC)

SEA App Con = SEA Approach Control

SEA CNTR = Seattle Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)

SEA GRND = SEA Ground Control (ATC)

SEA TWR = SEA Control Tower (ATC)

Tina = Flight Attendant Tina Mucklow


Highest Order of Reliability


Questionable Reliability


Estimate based on the opinion of individuals familiar with the case